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Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith is an American composer, performer and producer, originally from Orcas Island and currently based in Los Angeles.

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Albums & Singles

Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith composes bright, fluid soundscapes on a variety of synthesizers. Excited by the endless possibilities of electronic instruments, her music is filled with vivid, expressive melodies along with her warped, ethereal vocals.

The Kid
I Am A Thought
An Intention
A Kid
In The World
I Am Consumed
  • Smith sees the human, the organic, and the cosmic cast aloft together, spinning and enveloping – the world, illustrated as perfect and beautiful.
    Sammy Jones
    Crack Magazine
  • Smith paints an even lusher world using cosmic swoops, squelches and lots of her highly processed vocals. Sounds don’t align with the rhythms, and Smith’s voice is awash in alien echoes.
    Christopher R. Weingarten
    Rolling Stone Magazine


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