“Arthropada” Music Video


Director | Dancer: Melanie Lane (https://melanielane.info)
DOP | Editing: Jesper Berg (http://jesperberg.se)
Camera assistant: Laimonis Brakss

Kaitlyn’s invitation to create and choreograph a video for her track ‘Arthropoda’ was an exciting proposal. Her sound encompasses a unique blend of organic texture, within a futuristic realm which very much resonated with my interest in the potential for dance to take on those qualities and translate them into a visual narrative.

The concept for the video was to interpret Kaitlyn’s other-wordly, sonic universe by combining dance with a sculptural, architectural environment. The video embarks upon a surreal narrative that merges nature vs urban, reality vs sci-fi, future vs present. The Stapelbäddsparken (skate park) in Malmö, Sweden was the perfect location, offering a vast concrete landscape of urban textures and elegant, majestic lines that echo our natural world.

The choreography is about the excavation of space – designing movement in space to unearth something unique, playful and supernatural. The dance style developed its own anomalous language, exclusively inspired by Kaitlyn’s sound. The image of the dancer is between human and mythical – borrowing from fluid contemporary movement to more graphic, insect-like choreography.

The video for ‘Anthropoda’ is a universal story that embodies the curiosity and desire of human nature to transcend our environment. It magnifies texture and form whilst proposing the existence of otherness.

Through the dance between a human body and an urban space, the film celebrates the playfulness, power and beauty embedded in Kaitlyn’s sonic universe.


2022 © Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith